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Mindset and energy is as important as any strategy. Strategy can be taught. Mindset and energy must be cultivated from within, and is the foundation for strategy.

About Jemma

I am a certified Clinical EFT (Tapping) and Relationships Coach, yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher. With my roots in Chinese Medicine and trauma sensitive mindfulness and therapeutic practices.

I passionately work with the intersection of our mind, body and energy system to decondition ourselves from our restrictive experiences and beliefs, to a path of awakening to, and cultivating of, our true inner self and potential. 

Be:Loved Wealth 3 Month Masterclass is a bespoke coaching program like no other money mindset program. 

We explore and cultivate our relationship with wealth. We release and we nourish. We work with our mind, body and soul in community to create transformational and permanent change to a flourishing relationship with wealth.

It's about the whole of your being. Your sense of freedom, safety, peace, self worth, self love, self belief, empowered choice, receivership, boundaries, connection, belonging, ..... and more.

with love, Jemma 

Do you have chronic thoughts around 
money that sound like?…..

  • I’m worried about having enough money
  • I have to work really hard for money
  • I’m bad at managing money
  • I don’t deserve money
  • If I had lots of money there would be too many expectations, obligations, responsibilities 
  • I cant manifest money, it doesn’t work for me
  • The weight of my debt is stressful and painful
  • I’m not worthy of being well off
  • I have enough money and it’s greedy to want more
  • If I have money I may lose it. Other people or institutions will take it away from me
  • People with money are bad
  • I don’t make the money in my relationship so I have no right to say how it’s spent
  • Money isn’t spiritual
  • If I was rich people I know wont like me anymore and will judge me

95% of how we show up in life is run by our subconscious brain.

WHY: Our subconscious brain patterns are formed mainly before the age of 7, by trauma and repetition. Scary hey?

Even if you have all the income, great strategies, capability and intelligence your subconscious thoughts will seep through and prevent you from getting the results you want in your life.

It makes sense then that our Money Mindset has a massive impact on our current relationship to our finances, and is reflective of all our relationships.

Money brings up all sorts of emotions and meanings for people and preconceptions in people. It's stressful. Yet it is actually only an energy form that we exchange for other things.

 When we dig deeper and wider into these feelings we find limiting beliefs, self worth and meanings made which usually aren’t even ours. Or we made when we very young with little understanding.

Open yourself to new possibilities

WHAT: In Be:Loved Wealth Masterclass we will explore and grow together in an embodied mindful way our financial relationships and belief systems. So that you may open yourself up to new possibilities in your work and life that can provide for you the life that you desire, and you can be the person who creates that.

When you can harmonise your energy, love your nervous system and shift your limiting beliefs you naturally show up empowered and confident. From that place your finances, wealth mindset, self worth and self belief will flourish.

Through my unique method of Embodied Tapping (EFT) combined with body-mind consciousness, movement, essential oils, journaled enquiry and subliminal practices of meditation and breath, you will be guided to safely connect to and explore your subconscious, nervous system, body-mind consciousness and energy systems patterns. We can then release that which no longer serves us and create new habits, beliefs, feelings and ways of being which are reflective of your desires. All of your relationship will transform from the inner relationship out.

This is a soulful, magical, deep and mystical Wealth Mindset Masterclass beyond all others. A mind, body and soul journey through your ancestral lineage, in-utero, birth and early life experiences that may impact your relationship with wealth.

A soulful, magical and mystical Money Mindset coaching program

HOW + WHERE: Be:Loved Wealth Masterclass is an embodied online wealth mindset and relationship program like no other. Held over 12 weeks with live community, live and recorded teachings and practices, workbooks and Q & A time. 

Everything is recorded and you can access at your leisure. Our course and community will be held on a private platform.

The research shows it takes on average 67 days to change a habit. You will be held and guided in our loving community into your new wealth relationship. We can celebrate our transformations together.

Each week you will receive a mastermind teaching, a tapping meditation, journaled enquiry prompts, breathwork, meditation and a Q & A. Plus much more as I see our communities need for any extra support.



  • Introduction to EFT and how to embodied tap? 
  • Your money story and Ancestral Clearing
  • Tapping meditation
  • Breathwork + meditation
  • Group Coaching, Q + A


  • Wealth consciousness and self love
  • Money goals. Mapping my desires
  • Tapping meditation
  • Breathwork + meditation
  • Group Coaching, Q + A


  • The mind body money connection. Self worth
  • Learning to receive, not just give. Boundaries
  • Tapping meditation
  • Breathwork + meditation
  • Group Coaching, Q + A


  • Integration week
  • Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra


  • Income
  • Overwhelm
  • Tapping meditation
  • Breathwork + meditation
  • Group Coaching, Q + A


  • Savings
  • Confidence + Safety
  • Tapping meditation
  • Breathwork + meditation
  • Group Coaching, Q + A


  • Debt
  • Fear of Failure
  • Tapping meditation
  • Breathwork + meditation
  • Group Coaching, Q + A


  • Integration week
  • Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra


  • Toxic Money
  • Moving Through Resistance
  • Tapping meditation
  • Breathwork + meditation
  • Group Coaching, Q + A


  • Financial Trauma
  • Desire Trauma
  • Tapping meditation
  • Breathwork + meditation
  • Group Coaching, Q + A


  • Breaking the cycle
  • Holding your new financial vibeset and relationship
  • Tapping meditation
  • Breathwork + meditation
  • Group Coaching, Q + A

week 12 - Closing one day retreat


“I appreciate the compassion you show and the wisdom you share.

My sessions seem to declutter my mind and bring forth the important information for me to process and work through. I feel like there’s a lot of dot joining that goes one during each session.

Every session has been so unique and tailored to my individual needs on that day, and I’ve never left feeling heavier than when I walked in… always lighter and more grounded/filled with love. My husband loves the way I return after a session!

The practical guidance and personalised experience offered - it is very unique, unlike any other healing session I’ve previously experienced.

It’s a tricky offering to describe. It’s like giving your soul a warm, soothing bath. Trying to describe what it is that you ‘do’ in them is difficult because it’s so unique to the healing industry - it’s not an aura cleanse, it’s not a meditation/hypnosis, it’s not counselling - yet it is all of those…it’s active, multi-dimensional exploration of whatever it is that’s coming up.

I love coming to a session and safely opening up the playground of life with you, exploring what it is that is causing chaos and how to nurture and calm my system. I never know what to expect or where it will go - and that is the beauty of a session. The rawness and unpredictability allows for gentle challenge and growth.” 

Amy, Perth

“How I feel after a coaching session with Jemma Doak; clear, free, inner strength.
Jemma is such a gentle guide that you don't even realise how deep the work is that you are doing, I think its one of her superpowers - guiding us to our real truth and setting ourselves free to live, love, be and have all that we deserve."

 Amanda, Perth

“I felt very welcomed and comforted. Never rushed or short of time. Anxiety was gone or very low after a session. Felt more secure.

It is a safe space to confront any deeper issues and that you can open up to a woman who is like minded and experienced.

I always felt strong and more secure after a session with Jemma. Grounded and balanced. I would recommend her sessions to anyone who wants to go deeper and work on themselves.”

Britta, Perth

“I was fortunate to have several coaching sessions with Jemma. Her calm and careful space-holding helped me to safely explore within my subconscious. Beyond that, she is wise and intuitive, so I felt like I received profound insights and guidance in our sessions.”

 Kellie, Sydney

“I found working with Jemma Doak to process my issues was very rewarding and life changing. I have done many other therapies including Primal, Rebirthing, Psychodrama, Trauma counselling and seen various Counsellors, Psychologists and a Psychiatrist. 
I have gained a more robust sense of belonging in this world (strange at such a time) and the ability to look after myself. I hadn't been looking after my sensitive nervous system at all well until this year. I am feeling a stronger intention and inner support to continue the processing of my stuff.

Jemma uses many techniques, including EFT(emotional freedom technique) and a Rebirthing process, and was able to guide me to a more profound connection with myself, my inner strength and the earth. Jemma also helped to build a more resilient sense of wellbeing by offering self-nurturing homework. 

Jemma was able to connect deeply with my energy field and thereby actually feel where I needed to go next. She has a sensitivity that makes her very effective in this therapeutic work. I highly recommend that you consider working with Jemma.”
 Robyn, Denmark

"Jemma has a gift to closely listen, she's able to tap into your inner thoughts.

I've grown spiritually and healed mentally from our sessions. I also have learned to set boundaries with others and myself also, a very important skill given that I have been struggling with codependency issues for a while.

Jemma shared with me tools and practices to use in every day life to transform my life through changing old habits, give myself credit for my successes big and small whereas before Jemma, I tended to see all the things I hadn't achieved. Acknowledging those successes puts everything in a better light.

Working with Jemma for the last 8 months was life changing. The sessions were above and beyond my expectations."

Joanna, Perth

"I have found her sessions to be most valuable, always shifting energies quickly and effectively. I have been astounded at how gently things come to the surface and dissolve. Many of these issues I have worked on for years in counselling only to have them return to my life. 

With Jemma’s skills and intuition in working with the oils and tapping, permanent shifts are made. I can’t recommend Jemma highly enough not only for her knowledge and expertise but also her ability to hold a safe and encouraging space. Thank you Jemma. We are lucky to have you working in our midst.”

Helen, Fremantle

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